Plan Of Work

GOAL 1: To continue the concept of professional growth and recognition of association members and students.  

    • Encourage members to participate in professional growth activities.
    • Recommend appointments to state, regional and national committees.
    • Conduct professional conferences with educational exhibits where appropriate.
    • Present innovative and pertinent programs at workshops/conference.
    • Inform members of available workshops/conferences.
    • Establish cooperative programs with other related organizations and groups.
    • Assist classroom teachers and paraeducators with information and resources to meet the needs of the special population student.
    • Enhanced networking – regional contacts, website, e-mail, etc.
    • Classroom resources – IEP/transition packet, specially designed instruction, positive behavior support and other relevant topics.
    • Conduct awards and recognition programs.
    • Conduct student Life/Work Challenge Award program and luncheon.
    • Conduct professional award program by encouraging nominations and presenting awards.
    • Provide publicity for award winners.


GOAL 2: To improve methods of communication with other associations and memberships.

    • Market the Association in the most technologically advanced manner.
    • Establish and maintain a web page for member use. Establish and maintain a blog for member use.
    • Publish newsletter.
    • Continue publication of newsletter.
    • Solicit information and news for articles.
    • Encourage and promote writing of articles.
    • Reinforce PACTESP‘s relationship with ACTE and PA-ACTE, PEN, etc.
    • Maintain on-going contact with all related associations.


GOAL 3: To increase membership of state association and improve services to members.

    • Maintain and increase PACTESP membership.
    • Prepare and distribute membership renewals.
    • Contact all delinquent members.
    • Provide information to new and prospective members. Provide regional representation.
    • Promote the association at all related conferences, meetings, etc.
    • Maintain a supply of promotional materials.


GOAL 4: To encourage the involvement of PACTESP in supporting special needs concerns and to respond as an active, not reactive, association.

    • Ensure members are informed about state and national matters. Respond to federal and state concerns (letters, telephone, hearings, e-mail).
    • Disseminate information from the organization to membership via newsletter, mailings, e-mail and/or telephone.
    • Continue lines of communication with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
    • Bureau of Career and Technical Education
    • Bureau of Special Education